“Russian Leather” Vertical Wallet
“Russian Leather” Vertical Wallet
“Russian Leather” Vertical Wallet

“Russian Leather” Vertical Wallet

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The “Russian Leather” Vertical Wallet uses the beautiful reproduction of the historical Russian Leather by J&FJ Baker & Co. Ltd. The original Russian Leather ceased production during the Russian Revolution after a long production history and the closely guarded tanning recipe was lost. In 1973 divers recovered the original Russian Leather stamped in the year 1786 from a shipwreck. The ship called The Metta Catharina which sunk off England in 1786. The outside rolls of the leather were damaged however, the inside rolls remained preserved. Later the prestigious tannery J&FJ Baker & Co. Ltd with the help of experts spent six years studying the original Russian Leather to reproduce as close as possible to the original Russian Leather.

“We have patiently experimented with different quantities of these barks, to rediscover the ancient recipe that yields a leather that smells and handles as well as the original Russian Leather.” - J&FJ Baker & Co. Ltd

This leather has the wonderful distinct aroma and is trusted by high level craftsman.

- J&FJ Baker & Co. Ltd "Russian Leather"
- Hand stitched with French linen thread
- Burnished edges
- Made by a single craftsman
- Made in Australia

If you would like a custom order such as different thread colour or a combination of leather. Please contact us.

The lead time for this product is 1-2 weeks.