English Bridle Leather By Thomas Ware and Sons

Thomas Ware and Sons Limited - Thomas Ware & Sons Ltd

Thomas Ware and Sons was founded in 1840 and remains the biggest of England's traditional leather pit tanneries. Our Stallion Leather Belts contains high quality bridle leather from this traditional leather tannery. This leather is vegetable tanned in pits that takes approximately 6 months. After the tanning process some of the grain is ground away to create a smooth consistent surface. This leather is heavily conditioned for durability which creates a white waxy coating once finished. The white waxy coating is a small luxury and unique character to English bridle leathers. The white waxy coating is easily rubbed off with use or with buffing from a soft bristle brush.

Bridle leather has the beauty of aging well, having a deep depth of colour and with a tradition of being used on horses it's made to be strong, smooth and durable. The thickness of leather that we use for our Stallion Leather Belt is approximately 3.5 - 4mm thick.

Due to being a natural product there may be scratches and scars from the animal as well as colour variation between each hide of leather.


 Image: Stallion Classic Leather Belt (38mm) in Dark Havana with Nickle Plate Buckle