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English Bridle Leather

Our Stallion Classic Leather Belts contains bridle leather from one of England's highest quality tanneries. This leather is pit tanned that takes approximately 6 months to tan. After the tanning process the leather is heavily conditioned for durability which creates a white waxy coating once finished. The white waxy coating is a small luxury and unique character to English bridle leathers. The white waxy coating is easily rubbed off with use or with buffing from a soft bristle brush which we do for our customers.

Bridle leather has the beauty of aging well, having a deep depth of colour and with a tradition of being used on horses it's made to be strong, smooth and durable. The thickness of leather that we use for our Stallion Classic Leather Belt is approximately 3.5 - 4mm thick.

Due to being a natural product there may be scratches and scars from the animal as well as colour variation between each hide of leather.


 Image: Stallion Classic Leather Belt (38mm) in Dark Havana with Nickle Plate Buckle