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Australian Artisan Handmade Leather Belts

Full Grain Handmade Leather Belts Made in Australia

Image: Joseph M. Leather Clydesdale Belt (38mm) in Colour Australian Nut with Brass Buckle.

My name is Joseph and I'm the craftsman at Joseph M. Leather in Adelaide, South Australia. I wanted to go against the tide and create some of the best leather belts that are available on the market. Leather belts that are full grain, handmade, made in Australia and with some of the best leathers in the world. I wanted to create belts that could be worn year and year without our customers having to worry about buying another one for years to come. After 1 year of many trials I selected Traditional Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather for our Clydesdale Belt and Vegetable Tanned Bridle Leather for our Stallion Classic Belt. These belts carry leather from the finest leather tanneries in England.


Our buckles for the Clydesdale and Stallion belts are made in a foundry in England by a company that has a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty The Queen. These belts are fitted with these buckles to ensure the most highest quality.


Our belts are hand stitched which provides superior strength and also adds a fine and elegant look. The traditional saddle stitch is the strongest stitch and cannot be replicated by a machine. Horse bridles in equestrian are stitched in the same way because of the strength and durability of the saddle stitch.

Say Goodbye to Stories Like This

Walk into your average retail store and i'm sure you'll find belts that don't seem to stand up to quality. I've heard of stories of belts cracking, buckles breaking and belts falling apart over a short period of time. The old saying "They don't make them like they used to" is a sentence that can be applied to many belts today.

What is Going on?

Many manufactures use two deceptive terms to describe their leather belts today. The terms are "Geninue Leather" or "Bonded Leather"

While it is true "Genuine Leather" does refer to authentic leather it is however a much lower quality leather. The leather is split and the lower quality and weaker section is used.

"Bonded Leather" can be carried under names such as LeatherSoft, Faux Leather, Vinyl, Reconstituted Leather or Composite. "Bonded Leather" is a mixture of genuine leather mixed with a polyurethane binder. Most bonded leather has only 10-20% genuine leather.

All our leather belts are full grain leather which is the highest quality leather and made by one craftsman specifically for you. Our Belt Sizing Guide allows for accurate sizing and with a short turn around we are able to get your made to order full grain leather belt to you. if you have any requests for custom sizes and/or number of holes on your leather belt please contact us.

"Joseph's meticulous attention to detail, not only in terms of his superb craftsmanship, but also, in his knowledge of sourcing of the best materials available is truly impressive. We have full confidence in Joe's excellent value for money, leatherware products. Highly recommended!" - Mary M

Belts of this quality are a needle in a haystack in a mass produced world. From visiting retail stores I am surprised at the high prices for such low quality belts. Using some of the best full grain leather and finest hardware in the world we believe that once you try out our belts you won't look back.

Joseph M. Leather