The Man Behind the Brand

My name is Joseph and I'm the founder of Joseph M. Leather. I started leather craft in 2018 after stumbling across a YouTube video. In the video the craftsman was making a long wallet and I found the attention to detail and skill involved inspiring. From there I embarked on a leather craft journey and refined my skills over time.

There are many avenues you can go down in leather craft but the path that drew me was traditional leather work. There was something about an item that each part required a specific skill set and full concentration to complete. Traditional leather work uses a lot more hand tools to complete items and uses machines when necessary. Machines are not the primary production method but rather the craftsman. The craftsman uses the machines as a tool along with his other hand tools. The purpose for using such hand tools is that there are many old traditions that modern machines can not surpass. One example is the traditional saddle stitch that is done by hand can not be replicated by a machine stitch. The saddle stitch is much stronger, doesn't completely unravel if the thread breaks and a machine cannot replicate this.

Getting to the point where I had the confidence to sell my items has been a goal of mine since my early days of leather craft. This website is a collection of items that have been thoroughly sourced, examined and crafted. Every bit of detail from the leather type, thread, hardware has been individually sourced to be able to bring to our customers products that are not only beautiful but of the finest quality. I hope you enjoy my website.

Joseph M. Leather