The Man Behind the Brand

My name is Joseph, I'm 25 years old from Adelaide, South Australia. I started leather craft in 2018 after stumbling across a YouTube video. In the video the craftsman was making a wallet and I found the music, attention to detail and skill involved in making such a item inspiring. That lead me to embark on the journey in leather craft. A journey that has had many up and downs and sometimes required sheer determination.
I've always wanted to get to a point where I felt confident to be able to sell my products. One thing that I have enjoyed is being able to get educated on different types of leather and realize what "leather" is sold in most retail shops is low quality. It brings me great delight that I can bring a product to a customer that I have full confidence in and have individually chosen the material, thread and hardware myself.
The work that I do is more traditional leather work. This involves marking my stitching by hand using a pricking iron and hand stitching with the assistance of a awl. There are a couple reasons for this. The first is that the saddle stitch itself is a far more superior stitch than a lock stitch you would get from a sewing machine. The second is the satisfaction of the slower and superior process. A process that was developed for a reason and shouldn't be lost. Of course, there are some downsides such as this increases the margin for error and a more labourious task results in a higher price. However, the results speak for themselves and many of my customers are happy they have a product that has had the extra time taken. The gifts that we receive and find special are usually the ones that we know that someone has put in the time to craft an item for us. I hope you enjoy my website.
God bless you,