Essex Leather by Horween Leather Co. Tannery, United State of America

Image: Horween Leather Co. Tannery Based in Chicago, Illinois

The famous Horween Tannery based in Chicago, Illinois, cherished by Americans and loved throughout the world. Has been in operation for over 100 years. Famous for their Genuine Shell Cordovan, Chromexcel as well as basketball leather used in the NBA and football leather used in Wilson balls for the NFL. Horween is known for supplying brands such as Allen Edmonds, Wilson, Crockett & Jones, Thursday Boots and others. Their Shell Cordovan was what originally built the company which is tanned in a 100-year-old recipe.

 Image: Genuine Horween Shell Cordovan

The seed for the Essex leather was a planted with this thought by Horween "what if we take a top quality cowhide and tan it with the same liquor we use to tan shell cordovan?" After 2 – 3 years of trials and production runs, the Essex was born.

Image: Tanning pits at Horween Tannery, Chicago, Illinois

Using full grain cow hide leather this leather gets vegetable tanned using the same tanning liquors for their Shell Cordovan range. Horween’s old fashioned, time proven Shell Cordovan tanning liquors. Next, the leather is further enriched with a blend of fats, oils and greases which are tanned into the leather giving the leather durability, softness and a rich round feel. This leather will age beautifully over time and is very versatile. Our bags are made from this beautiful leather for its durability, history, as well as soft and suppleness of the leather itself.


 Image: Merlin Duffle Bag by Joseph M. Leather