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Belt Sizing Guide

All our belts are made to order to fit our customers. So we want to make sure we receive the right measurement to craft the belt to fit your waist. There are two ways to find the measurement you need for your new belt. The first method is the most accurate measurement. Please make sure you get a accurate measurement as we do not offer refunds for incorrect sizing due to each belt being made to order. See more on our FAQ page.

Method 1: Measuring a current belt you use:

Method 2: Using a pair of trousers you use:

Using a pair of trousers that you currently use look at what size you are and add 2 inches. For example if you wear 32 inch trousers then a size 34 inch belt will fit you.

Do you make custom sizes?

Yes we do, If our belts don't have your size in our options. Please contact us at and we can arrange a custom order for the same price.